Andragogy, Humanism, Cognitivism, Behaviourism.

Laura-Jayne Meades

I had to resubmit PPD Component 2. This was because I needed to be specific about my personal experiences and didn’t include enough links with various theorists I have come across whilst on the course. In order to pass I also had to include sections on Andragogy, Humanism and Cognitivism and Behaviourism as I had made reference to them but not spoke about them enough. I decided to do some more research on these four areas.


Andragogy relates to adult learning. ‘Adults are self directed and expect to take responsibility for decisions.’ Knowles (cited in Instructural Design, 2013.)

For example, when you teach you act as a facilitator rather than a teacher and thus make the learners self-directed and aware of what they are learning for themselves as well as the outcomes of the session. Doing case studies and setting targets are ways to achieve this.

  1. Self-concept: As people…

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