In Which I Am Jumbled and Rusty, But I Tell it True

a smaller life


Did you ever have so much going on in your life, so much constant motion, that you just felt frozen? Locked up? That’s how it is over here these days. I’ve been digging through my toolbox of comfort behaviors- all my mental health lifesavers- but nothing has been doing the trick. There’s no magical plaster for the amount of sheer madness happening in my life right now. I’ve tried to John Wayne my way through this monster of a year- oh, 2013, you just are not playing around, are you?- and I cannot do it.

I come back to writing because there is nothing left to do.

I’ve come back to documenting this life because there must be no other way out of this.


There’s too much, just all so, so much. Everything seems so huge, is the thing: there’s so little in my life that seems small…

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