List of people I want to meet (Part 1)


I initiate this series, simply because I have a lot of admirable, famous people to understand and learn from them. For each part, I will present to you 1 person I am extremely admire and reasoning why. It does not matter whether that person is dead or alive because their contributions for humanity live long forever.

SIR Issac Newton(25 December 1642 – 20 March 1727)

Issac Newton

Issac Newton is one of two best scientist ever live in my opinion. The entire scientific revolution is influenced by his works. As a young bright mind, Issac Newton is normally remembered in people’s mind with a theory of gravity and the fallen apple.

However, Issac Newton’s works are not just that tiny. As a scientist, he came up with tons of questions, and each of those questions brought the science world up into a whole new level of understanding.

After Galileo’s death, Newton was…

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