Nothingness and Non-Existence are false concepts (theory)

Things I think about whilst sleep deprived

From my perspective, (which of course is purely an opinion) the concept of non-existence is actually not possible, and for lack of a better term “doesn’t exist”. I will attempt to prove this point by using a series of negations and double entendres.

The term non-existence is synonymous with nothing, and by its definition, nothing cannot exist. The true nature of nothing does not exist because it cannot exist. If you are still having trouble understanding what I mean, look at it this way:

“Nothing does not exist.”

This sentence can be analyzed from two angles:

  1. It can interpreted as “the concept and nature of nothing does not exist”
  2. It can be interpreted as “ Everything in creation permanently exists”

This sentence is literally telling you that “everything is, has been, and always will be something.”

Understand also, that once you give a description of “nothing” it becomes something. (Even by simply…

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