Personal Mathematics

Over Thinking, Under Living

Everyone is so different, but often- two very different people come to the same conclusion. This is because their personal mathematics are different, but both capable of reaching the same point. Imagine that everyone has a set of algorithms which they use to handle their relationships, friends, work and family. It’s their mathematics- the method of which they reach their conclusions, form assumptions and choose to open up or build a wall of protection.

“An algorithm (pronounced AL-go-rith-um) is a procedure or formula for solving a problem. The word derives from the name of the mathematician, Mohammed ibn-Musa al-Khwarizmi, who was part of the royal court in Baghdad and who lived from about 780 to 850. Al-Khwarizmi’s work is the likely source for the word algebra as well.”

Your mathematics is different from everyone else around you, and if you are an individual with the gift of sight, imagine someone…

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