Steven Holl’s Parallax

Architecture Notes

Steven Holl describes defines “space” as the essence of architecture, and describes a new elastic spatial perception, or architectural experience, one that depends on the movement of the body through space.

A determinate point of view necessarily gives way to an indeterminate flow of perspectives.

Space is the essential medium of architecture. Space is simultaneously many things – the voids in architecture, the space around architecture, the vast space of landscape and city space, intergalactic spaces of the universe. Space is something both intrinsic and relational.

Architectural experience has been taken out of its historical closure. Vertical and oblique slippages are key to new spatial perceptions.

The turn and twist of the body engaging a long and then short perspective, an up-and-down movement, an open-and- closed or dark – and – light rhythm of geometries – these are the core of the spatial score of architecture.

Kiasma Museum: cirss-crossing space…

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