The ‘Anarchy Is Chaos’ Fallacy

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Even to the veteran of anarchist philosophy, the claim is presented that anarchy is just ‘chaos’. Aside from the clear fact that this is a blank assertion without any basis in logic and reason, it can actually be used as a turn argument against the existence of the state. The basic impact of the chaos argument is that people will assume power over others through abusing property rights and overriding the non-aggression principle because there is no coercive force by which to regulate their actions. First, we can start by pointing bout that this is synonymous to curing cancer with cancer (ie regulating violence through the legitimization of violence). Second, a stateless or voluntary society could deter such crime without the use of force. By this, I mean that the free market could provide voluntary deterrence against immoral action. An example of this would be private rights protection agencies engaging…

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