The depressing reality of America’s gun industry: It’s probably still a good investment – Quartz

via The depressing reality of America’s gun industry: It’s probably still a good investment – Quartz.


On your conscience, Greenpeace…

Random Rationality

The best single paragraph I’ve read on the stupidity and arrogance of opposition against Golden Rice.

“The greens are frantic to stop golden rice because it undermines all their criticisms of GM crops. It is non-profit, free, nutrition-enhancing, and of more value to the poor than the rich: only farmers earning less than dollars 10,000 a year will be allowed to sell the seed on. …Meanwhile at least half a million, perhaps two million, children die each year from preventable vitamin A deficiency. On your conscience, Greenpeace.” ~ Matt Ridley

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Booze | cookinandshootin

TheOprimer VIII


It’s begun to sizzle and we’re starting to feel a trickle of salty sweat pooling in the nest of our lower backs. It sounds risqué, but it’s just plain hot and sticky, and all we can think of is: Cabana boy!!! Where’s my cocktail?

During the summer, watermelon and cucumbers are some of the coolest and most quenching of snacks. I usually keep big bowl chilling in the fridge, eating them plain, or adding salt, lime juice, and dried chile powder to the cucumbers. The combination is a great salad base, too – try them with a light lemon-lime-cilantro vinaigrette and cubes of seared haloumi.

And, naturally, the temptation to turn the duo into a cocktail proved irresistible. This refresher starts with muddled cilantro, mint, jalapeño, and sugar for a vibrant, herbal base with a sharp prick of heat. Watermelon and cucumber are pureed with ice into a slushy-like…

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Time Chunking For Managing Business Stress

Forward Motion

Time… it either runs through your fingers like water, or drags along like molasses, depending on your day. How you structure your time plays a significant role in your stress levels and productivity. Today we’re going to share a few different methods for “time chunking” that have proven to be amazingly effective for staying focused and reducing day-to-day business stress. Business-Stress

As the Founders of Showcasing Women, Angela and I have extremely different lifestyles. We also have very different roles, tasks and pressures within our business. As a result, we’ve each developed our own methods and strategies of time management that work for us, with the end result being a highly productive business, lowered stress levels, AND quality time for our loved ones and ourselves.

Between the two of us, you will certainly find some golden nuggets to begin utilizing immediately!

ANGELA: Managing a successful online business and being…

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